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Friday, August 31, 2012

Lego + Lego Movie

Here is Isaac just lying down and playing with some of his Lego. I love those photos as he was so into it. The Monsters were taking over but the Avengers came in to save the day!

With all the talk of a big budget Lego movie to happen here's a look at what Lego and Blur Studios were working on when the project first started.

Blur's Jeff Fowler and artist Sean McNally got to work on a concept for their pitch, which revolved around a young Lego minifig leaving his small Lego town behind to go on an adventure in the human world. Along the way, he runs into all kinds of Lego settings and characters who are scattered throughout the real world, like post-apocalyptic scavengers hunting for batteries and pirates battling giant...bath toys.