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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ToyCon : Lego

The Quebec lego user Group (QuéLug) was there at the ToyCon to showcase some Lego! As always there was some amazing sets displayed.

As you can see there were lots of Lego Star Wars including the extremely hard to find Cloud City (#10123).

Lots of awesome classic Lego space too! And the highlight for Isaac was when the owner of the Lego Star Wars gave him the Lego Gorilla suit guy from Series 3, which we wanted but where missing. Thanks again!

As mentioned last week, Lego celebrates its 80th anniversary! Simply amazing! And out of nowhere comes this must see animated short film about the story of those little blocks we love, enjoy!


  1. That was very nice of that gentlemen to do that for Issac.

    1. It was indeed!
      And he had a bag full of Lego figures we don't own... Isaac wanted them all!