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Monday, August 20, 2012


Here is the Lego Gorilla mini figure that Isaac got at the ToyCon thanks to a member of Quelug. Its a beautiful Lego figure and now our Lego Godzilla has a friend.

Lego Gorilla mini figure was released as part of the series 3. The Sumo wrestler, Rapper and Mummy are the others we want from that series.

We love Lego!

Here's the ultra cool Lego Star Wars Rancor set coming in 2013!

Here's the Lego Elrond mini figure that will be available with pre-order of the highly anticipated Lego The Lord of the Rings video game.

And here's a cool Lego DC Universe Super Heroes commercial.


  1. That Gorilla guy is one of my favorites as well!

    1. Cool!
      We've been searching for this one for sometime now.

      We saw on your blog that we found some of the new series!
      Thats great! Cant wait for them to appear around here.
      We want the DJ and Vampire.

  2. My pal Scott and his son Gage would love that Rancor set.