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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Star Wars Mighty Muggs

Mighty Muggs are a vinyl/plastic collectible series made by Hasbro. The figures resemble super deformed versions of famous characters. When the first wave of Star Wars Mighty Muggs appeared, I got myself Chewbacca and Han Solo. Now for over a year they were kept in their original boxes.

Well my son had been bugging me to open them and I simply couldn't resist. They are both extremely cool. Chewie comes with a bowcaster while Solo comes with a gun. Now tons of other Star Wars Mighty Muggs have been released and hopefully one day we'll get more.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Star Wars Power of the Force Action Figures

Another week... another Star Wars Power of the Force Action figure for my incredible son. This time his collection was in need of some bad guy so the next logical figure to give him was the Imperial Stormtrooper. While in the films they've never been portrayed as powerful characters they sure looked the coolest. Their beautiful 18-pieces white armour make them stand out from the rest of the Star Wars universe characters. The first troopers were cloned from bounty hunter Jango Fett, to be the Army of the Republic.

My son loves him! Personally I've always been a fan of the Stormtrooper. Actually I've recently got myself the coolest pair of jeans ever made... Marc Ecko's Cut & Sew Stormtrooper jeans!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grocery and Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

While doing the grocery last night we had to get another cool toy. This time we got one of the Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 vehicule and figure. The Buster Tank transforms itself into a battle ready vehicule and comes with a 3-inch articulated figure of Sherman Cortez.

The vehicule is nicely made and looks solid. The size and concept of the vehicule and figure reminds me of the classic M.A.S.K. collection from Kenner in the mid-1980s.

A two-episode preview aired on the Cartoon Network in the United States on August 24th, 2009. It's been years since the events in Hot Wheels AcceleRacers. Expert driver Vert Wheeler comes across an artificial dimension called a Battlezone and meets a robotic-like life form called a sentient whose name is Sage. Together they assemble a team of racers equipped with state-of-the-art weaponized vehicles to compete against the robotic Sark and the animalistic Vandals in the Battlezones to determine the fate of the Earth.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

X-Men Origins Wolverine Slashin' Action

As most action figures fanatics, I'm addicted to Ebay. Seriously, its incredible all you can find in there and sometimes for really cheap. Well yesterday we received another package from Ebay...

Last week I won two new X-Men Origins Wolverine Slashin' Action figures for a little under 4 bucks (they go for $49 each on Amazon)! Both are about 10 inches high, features pop-out claws, electronic slashings sounds, twist and release spring loaded torso and it actually talks!

Needless to say, my son played with them through the night. And now our kick ass Incredible Hulk Smashin' Stompin' figure as someones to fear!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Star Wars Playskool Jedi Force

A couple of years ago Playskool, which is a subsidiary of Hasbro released some of the coolest Star Wars figures with their Jedi Force collection. These pre-school figures were nicely sculpted and had some great features. These days, those figure are extremely hard to find.

Through the years I did managed to find some for my son but last week I kinda hit the jackpot over at Ebay (the best place to find anything) and won five Star Wars Playskool Jedi Force figures for 99 cents! I got Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master Yoda, C3-PO, R2-D2 and the coolest of them all... Darth Vader. Vader stands at about 6 1/2 inch and like Luke and Yoda, comes with a lightsaber. These are perfect for the little ones who are getting into the Star Wars universe.

I gave them to my son tonight and his jaw almost dropped to the floor! It was like as if he couldn't believe it! I also took a pictures of the new ones with the ones we already own, which are C3-PO, R2-D2, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Now we are missing Luke in X-Wing suit, Anakin Skywalker and a couple others. Needless to say I plan on finding them all.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Montreal ToyCon

With the next Montreal ToyCon just announced for May 16th, 2010 (we will be there!). I've decided to post some images from the last convention my son and I attended back in October, 2009. Its always a cool event with lots of cool toys being available. Unfortunately last time there wasn't as much tables and toys for sale, hopefully something that will be corrected for the May event. For all the details for the next event click here!

Isaac with the Batman.

Isaac with a Stromtrooper and female Imperial officer.

Isaac with the coolest bounty hunter of the galaxy, Bobba Fett.

Isaac with another Stormtrooper.

Princess Leia is now getting along with Empire troops?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Powers Collection

Probably one of the all time coolest action figures line was the Super Powers Collection from Kenner. Winning the license away from Mego Corporation and Mattel with their emphasis on action and art, Kenner devised hidden mechanisms within the figures that would trigger an action when the figures legs or arms were squeezed. This emphasis on each figure's "super power" led to the naming of the line - The Super Powers Collection. Each figure in the first two series were also packaged with a mini-comic featuring that character's adventures.

The first figure my brother and I got was Green Lantern. Looking back at those figures now you can clearly see that they were better sculpted and crafted then others. Three series of figures were released each years from 1984 to 1986. As seen in the pictures, I still own most of them apart from Batman, Flash and Red Tornado, which seem to have been lost somewhere...

After 10 years of chronicling the history of the Super Powers Collection, in 2003 toy historian Jason Geyer's ToyOtter website revealed the never seen designs for the unmade Series Four, Five, and Six, along with vehicles, playsets and a deluxe "Power Plus" figure line. The most famous of these is the Man-Bat figure, of which an actual prototype was created.

I still also own the Hall of Justice, which as quickly become my three years old son favorite playset. I wish that kick ass Tower of Darkness would had been released back in the days.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Star Wars Power of the Force Action Figures

Today was time for another Star Wars Power of the Force action figure for my son. C3-PO (phonetically spelled See-Threepio, and called Threepio for short) is the new one I gave him. Now this wasn't his first C3-PO figure but robots are always cool and he actually told me "Je l'aime", which is french for "I love him".

C-3PO is a protocol droid designed to serve humans, and boasts that he is fluent "in over six million forms of communication." C-3PO is generally seen with his long-time counterpart, R2-D2, a small, quirky astromech droid. Threepio's main function as a protocol droid is to assist with etiquette, customs, and translation so that meetings of different cultures run smoothly. Along side of the astromech droid R2-D2, Threepio played a vital and pivotal role in the Galaxy's history.

And for those wondering, the laminated poster on the back is for the South Korean horror film THE HOST signed by the director Bong Joon-ho.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grocery and Lego

Today while doing the grocery I got my son his very first Lego set. Its a basic Pirate set (#6192) with 150 pieces. We just opened it and its very cool.

As a kid I wasn't much of Lego fan but my brother who's five years younger was just the right age for the first cool Legos - space series. But for the last ten years or so the Lego world has been releasing some crazy good stuff! The Spider-Man, Batman and Star Wars collections comes to mind. Hopefully one day we'll own lots of them!

For Lego fans out there, this summer they will release 16 exclusives mini figures that are beyond crazy! Just take a look at them, wow! I want my Luchador and Zombie Lego!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice...

Whenever I'm with son we always end up playing with our action figures. Last time at the Hall of Justice, the almighty Godzilla was trying to take over the Superhero's headquarter. Luke Skywalker, Deapool and Brainiac tried but failed. Many others tried to stop him but the fire-breathing monster was simply too strong for them.

Enter Darth Vader, possibly the coolest villains in the history of cinema. An iconic status that has made him a synonym for evil in popular culture. With his powerful bass voice, imposing armored figure, and cold mechanized breathing... could he take down the unstoppable Daikaiju fictional Japanese monster?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Star Wars Power of the Force Action Figures

Another week, another Star Wars figure for my son. This time its Princess Leia Organa that came out on a red card in 1995 from Kenner. Armed with two pistols, Leia was at the time one of the very few female action figures from the Star Wars universe.

She was portrayed by actress Carrie Fisher in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Star Wars Holiday Special. She is one of the main protagonists of the original Star Wars trilogy. In Return of the Jedi, it is revealed that she is the twin sister of Luke Skywalker, and thus the daughter of Darth Vader. In the Star Wars prequel films, her mother is identified as Padmé Amidala. Her adoptive father is Bail Organa, the head of Alderaan's royal family and a supporting character in the prequels; in later Star Wars literature she marries Han Solo, her romantic interest in the original films.

My son also got one Fantastic Four coloring book and a Marvel stickers book. These are always a lot of fun!