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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ToyCon : Marvel Universe

Here is Isaac proudly showing his brand new Marvel Universe Skrull soldier action figure. We've been wanting this one for sometime now. Our Skrull army is growing very nicely. Beware!

Here's a look at the upcoming Chitauri and Nick Fury action figure from The Avengers collection along with the new Super Helicarrier!!!!

Lots of the upcoming Marvel Universe action figures were shown at the recent San Diego ComicCon.

Here's a look at some new Spider-Man figures.
And finally, look at this amazing presentation that was done for the ComicCon! Wow! We want this at our home. Look at Purple Man and Norman Osborn!


  1. That should have been the Doombot that was released and the Sentinel should have been reworked. Colors to match!

  2. Whats the name of that huge grey guy??

    1. It is called a Doombot. You can make out Dr. Doom´s head on him.

    2. Awesome!
      Didn't know him.


  3. Hello Mysterio! I will take him and that Kang.