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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marvel Captain America

We finally got the action figure of the Winter Soldier!

Its a great looking figure with cool accessories. Isaac and I are extremely happy to have found him. We are big fan of the Winter Soldier (aka Bucky).

Remember that the upcoming Captain America sequel is coming on April 4th, 2014 and will reveal the story of the Winter Soldier! The title pretty much gives it all! This should be awesome! I guess there is even a chance of a returning Red Skull!

Here's a cool Little Avengers commercial that I found online. We're off to the flea market...


  1. Had this in my hand in Mexico....18 dollars. He is likeable but not THAT likeable...

    1. Thats just too much!
      Marvel usually goes for $12 (plus taxes) around here.
      We got this one in sale half price.

  2. Nice! I just picked up the short haired version of this character for the Marvel Universe line.

    1. Oh! We didn't even know there was a short haired version.