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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : G.I.Joe

As a kid G.I.Joe was one of my favourite action figures collection. Isaac is not that much into it so we have only slowly started to get some figures.

We found two at the flea market. An updated version of Major Bludd (I prefer the original) and the awesome Cobra boxer which I sadly forgot his name.

Two cool figures sadly not complete but we got them for almost nothing.


  1. His name is Big Boa. I was out of the joes when he came along.

    1. Yes!
      Now I remember!

      I think he was supposed to be a Rocky Balboa figure at first.

  2. That is right! Marvel published a GI JOE Order of Battle comic which I got when it first came out and Balboa was there. I was anxiously awaiting the figure. I guess they didnt secure the rights...