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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : Toxic Crusaders

Look at what Isaac found at the flea market! We were going through a pile of toys and...

The Toxic Crusaders Smogcycle!

Isn't this so toxic its beautiful? It even "makes noxious noise pollution!" AHHAhHAhHA! Great find. Here is the original package, awesome art!


  1. Nice. When those came out I'd already seen the real Toxic Avenger, so I was a little wary, because I didn't want a sanitized kid version, but it wound being cool like TMNT. That's a sweet find.
    Tim, http://strangerwithfriction.blogspot.com/

    1. Welcome to our blog Tim!

      Yes great find from Isaac!
      We have a few figures too. Hopefully more to come soon!

  2. That is a great find! I had a bunch of the Toxic Crusader toys back in the day, and I'm kicking myself for getting rid of them! I loved them! Have you checked to see if it has glow in the dark paint on it? Most of the action figures did. I do a podcast on toys with a friend of mine. I should talk him into doing a show on this toy line!

    1. Welcome to our blog Taylor!

      Isaac was so happy to have found this!
      We haven't checked but I doubt it glows in the dark. It is proudly display in our home but I never noticed if it glows or not. Will double check tonight.

  3. *cries*
    I had that boxed a year and 1/2 ago...sold to pay off bills with the rest of the Toxic stuff.
    Very nice find. ^_^

    1. Oh thats sad...
      I hope to never have to do that!