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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Favourite Retro Toys of 2012

1- Lego Space System Monorail Transport #6990
Released in 1987, this amazing set of 715 pieces, 6 mini figures and a battery powered space train was the coolest retro toy we got in 2012. This set also got us into building our new incredible Lego city.

2- Sectaurs
Last summer we found more Sectaurs figures, along with two monster puppets (!!), comic books and accessories. Isaac and I love Sectaurs.

3- Mego Pocket Heroes
We found both the late 1970s Batmobile and Hulk action figure, which I owned as a kid. Next year I hope we find more.

4- Star Wars
Thirty one years later I finally got my Wampa action figure! You seriously can't understand just how happy I am about it.

5- Clash of the Titans
As a kid one of my favourite collection was the Clash of the Titans action figures. For the past few years I have been trying to find some but no luck. Well during our last trip at the flea market I found some... for only 75 cents each!!! I took all the ones they had, two Calibos and Persus!! Considering that these are over 30 years old, they are still in good condition! Sure they are missing their weapons but we are so happy to own them!

Also we got lots of classic 1980s Masters of the Universe, Lone Ranger, G.I.Joe, The Real Ghostbusters, Aliens and others!


  1. Hey congrads! I would love a Wampa one day as well.

    1. Thank you!

      We found the Wampa about a month ago. Still haven't posted about it but should soon!
      We got a couple of cool retro STAR WARS figures this year, like Walrus Man, original StormTrooper, Tusken Raider.

    2. I scored my Wampa this year as well.. I decided to broaden the figure collection by moving into the creatures...(they are technically characters too right? You have the Tauntaun, Rancor, Jabba etc. ) Still need a Dianoga and a Dewback...and am watching a e-web cannon too for my snowtrooper...might as well collect some easier to obtain stuff than the hellishly expensive POTF 1985 figures.

    3. Cool!
      I own the original and newer Dewback.

      Is there a figure of Dianoga??

  2. Replies
    1. Next year I want more classic 1980s Masters of the Universe, Clash of the Titans and Mego figures!