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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lego Power Miners + Lego Bioshock

Here is the Lego Power Miners Cave Crusher (#8708) set that Isaac got at his birthday. It has a total of 259 pieces, comes with two miner mini figures and a giant rock monster Tremorox.

Its a cool set. We especially love the blades, red crystals (3 of them this time), dynamites, the flip open roof and accessories.

Check out this awesome custom made Lego Bioshock Big Daddy created by Pate-keetongu. Isaac and I love the first Bioshock video game and this is just too cool!


  1. Hey, maybe they just might pick the Bioshock series up! Then again, Lego turned down the fan favorite Winchester Pub from Shaun of the Dead because of the mature subject matter. Did you hear Lego picked up the Back to the Future franchise??? Pretty sweet.

    1. Sadly I think Bioshock is too "violent" for Lego.

      Yes I read about Back to the Future. the next Lego Cuusoo! Very cool but limited to 10,000.