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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Here is Isaac in real life Minecraft situations!

My poor little son had to cut some woods...

to build himself a house before then night comes to fight the monsters!

MINECRAFT is a block-base sandbox game. The whole ethos of a sandbox game is that it allows you, the user, to do whatever you want. As you created a user and password and then generated a world to play in you will be transported into a huge landscape with trees, hills, sand and water around you. Its single greatest feature is that, every time you start a new game, it gives you a new, random and infinite world

With multiple dimensions to access, plants to grow, animals to breed, caves to explore, enchantments to collect, potions to brew, circuits to design, buildings to construct and an boss to track down and fight, the game can be a bit overwhelming but so much fun that you'll come away with shock, fear, pride, calm and a sense of incredible wonder at the your new blocky world.

The great thing about MINECRAFT is that there are lots of different ways to play the game. Yet to advance you will need to go through some basic situations. There are four modes: Creative, Survival, Hardcore and Adventure. We will take a look at the Survival mode.

First thing first, for now don't even think about exploring too much on your first day. In MINECRAFT a day is about 10 minutes. Come nightfall you are going to need a place to hide. Creatures big and small come out once the sun sets and you do not want to find yourself without a roof over your head.

The easiest way to create yourself a roof is to collect dirt by hand. Gather some dirt by punching on a ground for a while. Eight blocks is the minimum amount of blocks you need. If you don't have enough blocks to make your shelter then dig one block down. This will lower you enough where nothing can get to you. Don't forget to create a roof but leave one block (space) opened for you to see when the day comes back.

After your first night of hidden in your dirt house, collect woods by punching trees. This wood will be very useful to you in building your next shelter, tools and other useful items. Get as many as possible. If the second night is coming soon, go back to your dirty house and hide again.

Now you are ready for crafting.

Now that you wood is in your inventory, it needs to be crafted into planks. Go to your inventory. Take the stack of wood and place it in the crafting area. When you do this you will see that one wood block turns into four wood planks. Now you are ready to build your workbench. Once you place four planks in the crafting area, one per square they will turn into a workbench. Now you are on your way to creating some really cool and useful tools that will help you survive in your new world.

You will need tools. Tools are usable items that make blocks be removed easier, and being able to be picked up (Iron, Stone, Diamond, etc). There are 6 types of tools: Shovel, Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Sword and Shear.

The shovel is a tool that is used to remove dirt, gravel and sand faster. Pickaxes are used to mine stone, iron, coal, lapis lazuli, redstone and diamonds faster, they are one of the most useful tools in MINECRAFT. The axe is used to remove wooden blocks faster (Wooden Slabs are not included). The hoe's primary use is for tilling dirt/grass to make Farmland blocks. The sword is used to damage mobs (passive, neutral and hostile) with greater damage.

Crafting tools will make the job of gathering supplies and resources a lot easier. Starting off with a wooden pickaxe, you can gather coal and cobblestone. You can then build a cobblestone pickaxe, which will gather coal and cobblestone faster as well as gather iron ore. The stronger the material, the more efficient it is. You may think that gold is hard, but it’s not, hence the reason that gold is the fastest material to gather, but is less efficient than wood. Diamond is the most efficient and is also the hardest to find.

In general, you will want to gather supplies in the day and build in your shelter in the night.

In order to collect stone and coal, the next staple resources, you will need a pickaxe. Your first pickaxe will be made of wood; not very durable, but until you collect some stone, which is why you need a pickaxe in the first place, it's all you have.

You will need at least five planks to make one wooden pickaxe. Use your crafting table by right clicking on where you placed it. Your crafting table view is similar to your inventory view, except you now have a more useful 3x3 crafting space. First we need to make a handle for your pickaxe. To do this, pick up a stack of planks and place one above another anywhere in your crafting square. Two planks produces four sticks. To create your pickaxe, you'll have to make some new planks. You may have noticed that in order to craft a pickaxe, you more or less draw it with its components in your crafting square. Other items are crafted in a similar fashion.

Now its time to explore and find stone and coal. If you go toward a mountain range, you will see black lines in the rocks. The black lines are cracks and inside the cracks is coal. Locating your shelter near coal is a great idea, as you will need plenty of it. Building a wood house near a location where there are plenty of stone and coal is a good idea.

While you are making your preparations for nightfall, keep an eye on the sun. When you first start a new day in single player, it will be early morning. The sun always rises in the east and sets in the west; at midday, it will be directly above you. To better help you navigate, the Clouds in MINECRAFT always travel west.

Have fun!