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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lego Minecraft

For two months, multiple times a day I would check out two web sites in hope that the highly wanted Lego Minecraft set would be back for sale online. Sure I could have bought it on Ebay, but its going for over $100, which is way too much.

Then one tuesday morning... there it was! Without hesitation I ordered it. Two months later it finally arrived... and that was WITH express shipping.

Look just how happy Isaac is.

Oh but wait, we got two of them!

Ah! We actually got three sets!

Selected by Lego Cuusoo members, this build features a cool design with lots of 1x1 LEGO tiles and 2 buildable Micromob characters: Steve and Creeper. Tomorrow we'll open the box for all of you and reveal what is one of our favourite toy of the year. 

Forbes recently had an article about the Lego Minecraft set, check it out!