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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lego Orient Expedition

Here is the Lego Orient Expedition (#7412) that I got Isaac for his birthday. The Yeti's Hideout is a simple but very nice little set of 107 pieces. It comes with a girl mini figure and a Lego Yeti, which is probably one of the coolest Lego figure ever!

There is a secret door that opens up for the Yeti's cave and a small shrine off the side. There is also a drawer that reveal some hidden treasure. Very cool.

Here's a look at the upcoming Lego Lone Ranger sets to be out around April 2013.

79106 – Cavalry Set – €14.99
79107 – Comanche Camp – €29.99
79108 – Stagecoach Escape – €49.99
79109 – Colby City Duel – €59.99
79110 – Danger in the Silver Mine – €79.99
79111 – Train Chase – €99.99 

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