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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Isaac's birthday

More gifts from me for Isaac. I wasn't sure how to "packaged" these but since they are all Lego, I placed them all together in a gift bag.

Isaac is discovering what I bought online for a Lego collector. Lego Orient Expedition! Orient Expedition was one of the various subthemes of Adventurers released in 2003 and discounted in 2005. Sadly Isaac wasn't even born back then.

These Lego sets featured Johnny Thunder and his fellow scientists and adventurers. It was unique in that every set above 100 pieces came with stat cards and/or a piece of a game board that could be added to the Orient Expedition Board Game to maximize fun.

I got him Yeti's Hideout (#7412) and Tygurah's Roar (#7411). Both are extremely cool and complete with cards and all. Seeing the Lego Yeti online I had to get it. Isaac and I are huge fan of the creature!

Also got him a him the Lego Toy Story (#7595) that features everyone's favourite green army men! Its a simple yet very nice set and will help us making our army even bigger.

Oh! The new Lego Galaxy Squad collection is now available online and at Toys R US. We will get all of the set with big bugs such as #70700, 70702 and 70703.