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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Lego city street view

Today we are taking you INSIDE our Lego city with close up of the street views!

A robber is about to steal from the bank.

Indiana Jones wants to cross the street but the police car is going toward the bank.

Clark Kent (Nerd guy) is waiting... for something to happen.

The amazing Lego Castle fantasy era.

Loki is locked in, as the Avengers are prepare for a new menace.

The beautiful Monster Fighters castle is now part of our city.

Frankenstein's lab is also there and fits perfectly.

A red and yellow house... home of some bad guys.

The Osborn lab... Green Goblin is about to become reality.

Magneto stands still... prepare for battle.

One of two of the space stations.

The train goes near the Batcave. On its right stand the Batcycle and behind it the Batmobile.

Closer look at the Batman's computer room.


  1. You know with the Monsters theme and the Marvel stuff you would THINK I would be all over this. I just have never liked Legos...Too much work to build something. Boy am I lazy.

    1. AhahHAh! Well building them is part of the fun and concept you know!
      Some sets are actually more fun to built then others.

      The Marvel mini figures are awesome but the sets aren't that great.
      The Monster Fighters sets are almost all must own though!

  2. I love these views of your guys city.

    1. Thank you!
      I was lying down the floor taking them... not always an easy thing with Isaac playing.