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Monday, November 26, 2012

Isaac's birthday

Last October 13th, was the birthday of the most amazing person ever... my son Isaac.

We started the morning with some soya chocolate milk (his favourite) and a birthday card.

Can you tell that he had just woke up!

An Avengers card for his already sixth birthday!

And now the first gift...

What is that green face?

A 12" vinyl Minecraft Creeper figure!!!! Yes we are both addicted to that video game.


  1. I think you nail it best when we talk about nostalgia and the like by showing a new generation getting that experience of opening new stuff and having great memories. Happy belated, Isaac.

    1. Thank you M.R.
      And I will tell Isaac that you wished him a happy birthday!

  2. Ah those images of the little guy opening his gift is just priceless.