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Friday, November 2, 2012


For the past two months of so, Isaac and I have been addicted to the Minecraft video game.

Minecraft is a block-base sandbox game. The whole ethos of a sandbox game is that it allows you, the user, to do whatever you want. As you created a user and password and then generated a world to play in you will be transported into a huge landscape with trees, hills, sand and water around you. Its single greatest feature is that, every time you start a new game, it gives you a new, random and infinite world.

With multiple dimensions to access, plants to grow, animals to breed, caves to explore, enchantments to collect, potions to brew, circuits to design, buildings to construct and an boss to track down and fight, the game can be a bit overwhelming but so much fun that you'll come away with shock, fear, pride, calm and a sense of incredible wonder at the your new blocky world.

So far we have about 55 hours of gameplay.

One thing we really wanted to get at the Montreal Comic Con was Minecraft items. And yes we did! First is the ultra cool foam pickaxe.

This is way too cool! And its even cooler in real life scenario.


  1. Ha! I keep thinking of the Namco arcade game Dig Dug looking at those pictures.

  2. That is too cool!My daughters are hooked on Minecraft.

    1. Admit it that you are too!
      I know I am! HAhaHAHHAh!

  3. Hmm...Never knew what a sandbox game was. Thanks for the explanation. I have PS2 Star Wars Battlefront. I think that is one right?

    1. Your welcome.

      Star Wars Battlefront is an open world game.

      Open world:
      Big world to explore.

      Big world to explore and create.
      Like in a sandbox.