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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Minecraft + Star Wars sequels!

We also got the Minecraft foam sword at the Comic Con!

So now Isaac is ready to fight the monsters of the Overworld, Nether and The End in real life!!! I've decided to place both the axe pick and sword on the wall of his bedroom for display, very cool!

I got myself a Minecraft Creeper t-shirt and got a free bandana (not that I wear these but cool anyway). There was sadly no t-shirt the size of Isaac... so I ordered him one online.

Tomorrow is the Montreal ToyCon! Yes! Can't wait!!!

As mentioned everywhere earlier this week, Disney bought Lucasfilm. If Disney and Lucasfilm are planning to get Episode 7 in cinemas just two and a bit years from now, plans must be pretty advanced, and if plans are pretty advanced.

Here's some leaked informations about the next film from a reliable source.

The films are reworked versions of what Lucas was planning as far back as when he was making the original trilogy.

This next trilogy may conflate plot points originally intended to span two trilogies – the second featuring the Skywalker offspring.

As such, Luke Skywalker is a key character.

And so are many of “the original trilogy cast” with Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C3PO and R2D2 set to appear.

Hamill is already locked-in.

The Empire was not completely destroyed at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Disney intend “on playing to the cultural significance of that original trilogy.”

The scripts that have already been written for the live-action TV show “will be absorbed in some way into a TV format.”

Disney are “all over” restoring the original trilogy.

Again Steven Spielberg is rumoured to direct one of the next three films.

Like many online, I expect the Heir to the Empire book trilogy to be a big influence on these upcoming films. Timothy Zahn, writer of the much-loved ‘Extended Universe’ trilogy of novels set after the original films, has had his say over at EW.

Zahn makes it clear that he is not at all privy to up to date details, but he said that George Lucas once shared his vision about future movies.

The original idea as I understood it – and Lucas changes his mind off and on, so it may not be what he’s thinking right now – but it was going to be three generations. You’d have the original trilogy, then go back to Luke’s father and find out what happened to him [in the prequels], and if there was another 7th, 8th, or 9th film, it would be Luke’s children. The Thrawn Trilogy really would have fit into the gap

This is obviously pretty old news as we have had a trilogy of films, one of them twice over, between now and when Zahn and Lucas had that chat, but it’s worth something.

Zahn’s creations have made their way into the prequel trilogy before - for example, he called the seat of the Empire Coruscant – and his novels are still considered canon.

In those books, an Imperial general Thrawn cobbles together the remains of the Empire after the death of Darth Sidious to try and regain power. While this almost certainly won’t have any bearing on the story of the new trilogy, it is an example of how the Empire is conceived as a beast that just won’t go down.