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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flea Market Hunting + MOTU

Look at what we found at the flea market!!

I've been wanting to own one of these ever since I played with it as a friend's house. Tomy's Atomic Arcade Pin Ball is simply awesome!!!

Came upon this cool news recently, Mattel will soon release a new version of Castle Greyskull!

Mattel's all-new Castle Grayskull® playset is slated for a late 2013 release. Because it’s still in its very earliest stage, the final design is subject (and likely) to change. Why is Mattel offering it for pre-order now and asking you to make a commitment when the design hasn’t been finalized? Because the production cycle for an item like this takes over a year and is extremely costly. If Mattel doesn’t reach the minimum pre-order goal, they can’t go forward.


  1. So why did toy companies put out Castle Greyskull before in the eighties...OH right in 2002 they came out with one too? Why all of a sudden it is like this? Oh I get it...To gouge customers and markup prices for greedy corporate thugs. Sorry...This kind of thing gets to me. I would never order something like this.

    1. Your exactly right!
      Mattel is extremely greedy with the new MOTU line.
      Figures are hard to find and way too expensive.

      I posted this because I've always loved Greyskull but I am NOT getting it!

  2. I have the second release on that pinball machine that was done in the 80s vs yours from the 70s. They are the same toy but mine is black in color rather than white. I love it and play around with it often.

  3. Will you have The Who's Pinball Wizard playing in the background while you play this?

    A friend of mine had it when I was a kid. I liked playing it, but never owned one myself. Nice score.

    1. AhahHAh I guess I should!
      Never owned one before now.