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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Heir of the Empire

As the Rebels were getting ready, the Empire launched an all out surprise attack on them... leaving most of them dead. A small bunch managed to make it to the Falcon and escape.

But this wasn't all, Grand Admiral Thrawn wanted payback from Jabba the Hut from when he stole the energy source that can create clones (this was from one of our past story, which was actually posted here too!).

All of the Empire's troops were send but Jabba had a plan too... he send all of his Rancors, leading a furious battle that had both Isaac and I laughing and screaming. Great times!

And while we are talking about Star Wars and Rancor, look at the amazing Lego set coming out next year! Wow! We are getting this for sure.


  1. Just so much fun at your guys place!

    1. AhHHahA indeed!
      Seriously we laughed so much that time!
      Isaac kept telling me:
      "Look at this!" - Rancor attacking the AT-AT.
      The faces he made then were priceless!

  2. I never thought about Rancors attacking the AtAT....Hmm....I grew up right at the time I was out of Star Wars when ROTJ came out and never owned a Rancor.

    1. Always wanted a Rancor as a kid but never got one.
      Now we own TWO!


  3. That AT-AT is my childhood dream. Your son is so blessed.

    1. Welcome to our blog LEon!!!

      Yeah I've always dreamed of having one as a kid... now I do!
      My son loves it too!
      We voted it our favourite toy of 2010!