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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Star Wars

After taking our weekly trip to the local Toy R Us, we decided to venture ourself to the Legends Action Figures store in Montreal. This is probably the coolest store in the Montreal area. Located on St-Hubert street it has tons of cool stuff!

Of course my son wanted some Star Wars figures. He had been asking me for a Boba or Jango Fett with a removable helmet. Lucky for him there was one left of Jango released in 2007, with a removable helmet. We also got a very neat IG-86 Assassin droid from The Clone Wars collection.

The used Star Wars section was huge with tons of amazingly cool figures and vehicules. We got the original Slave-I released in 1980 from The Empire Strike Back. Sure its missing some pieces but I had the exact same model as a kid... even missed the exact same pieces! My son was crazy when I told him we we're buying it. He loves Boba Fett and this sure made his day as we played all afternoon with them.

Here's our Jango and Boba Fett figures with their spaceship!

And at the Legends store I saw that they were selling the Batcave we recently got for $7 at the flea market for $129.99!!!! Crazy!

As for the film we saw last night, we both loved it! IRON MAN 2 is the perfect exemple of a sequel done right.

It takes the ideas, characters and basics of the first film and elevates them to a new higher level.

Glad that they dealt with Tony's drinking problem, Cheadle did a good job, Rourke was amazing as Whiplash. The special fx were incredible!!

Fast, loud and action packed, IRON MAN 2 is yet another comic geek dreams come true! All the little details are there like Captain America's shield and more (be sure to stay after all the credits).

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