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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flea Market Hunting

With the beautiful weather of last Sunday, my son and I decided to make a quick stop at the flea market. Lo and behold we came upon some great finds!

First of all we got the Wayne Manor/Batcave for only $7. The thing is big and even taller then our Hall of Justice. When opened it has six sections like the actual Batcave, computer room, rotative suit changing door, a special door for our Batmobile to go through and the actual Manor. Our 3 3/4" Batman and SuperPowers figures fit perfectly well.

We also got a Robin figure for a buck from the hyper colorful Batman & Robin film, which I watched with my son last week. He's been asking me for a newer updated version of his classic Robin ever since he saw the Joel Schumacker version.

And last but not least for only $2, I got myself the original Battle Cat from the classic Masters of the Universe collection! More on this amazing find this week.

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