A boy and dad passion for action figures.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Star Wars

For as far as I remember I've been a Star Wars fan. The original film came out when I wasn't even five yet I remember seeing it at the drive-in with my parents. I clearly remember when The Empire Strike Back was announced in the newspaper (I was at my cousin's house) and seeing it was the very first time I went to the theater alone with friend (an ate that terrible Aero mint chocolate bar). And I was there the day Return of the Jedi came out.

I've always wanted a son but never did I expected all this to be so intense. The feeling of having a son, taking care of him, watch him evolve and grow up is a feeling that is beyond anything I have ever felt. Whatever happens at work, with women or with money (or lack of)... in the end it doesn't really matter because my son is everything.

I didn't forced him to be into Star Wars. He became a little Jedi all by himself. Sure, having his father know almost every little details of George Lucas' incredible universe probably helped but while my son is at an age where every kids are still into Dora the Explorer, the Backyardigans and such, I find it simply amazing that he is so much into the same thing that his father loves.

This weekend I am alone with him. These are the most precious moments for me. After picking him up at kindergarten tonight, we went to our local Toys R Us. We spend almost two hours there walking around and looking at all the cool stuff... in the end what he wanted was some Star Wars.

Like all cool kids my son is into the bad guy. After looking at all the action figures they had he picked up Emperor Palpatine. He loves the Emperor. After watching all six Star Wars films with him I can clearly say that he loves the Emperor. He's menacing, powerful and just evil. We got the very cool Clone Wars inspired figure so now he owns both the Emperor/Darth Sidious and Chancellor Palpatine.

We made a quick stop at the video game section and there he saw the Nintendo Wii version of Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga. My son loves the Nintendo DS Lite. He's been playing with it for about six months now and finished lots of games. But the Wii he rarely plays... I wasn't sure about getting it since he's already playing it on the DS but I decided to pick it up, and I'm so glad I did.

Playing together on our 120" projector screen was an experience I will never forget... NEVER! We laughed, screamed, had fun but most importantly spend some amazing quality time together... father and son. This is the best money I've spend all my life. Watching his eyes, hearing him talk and asking me questions and finding answers on how to resolves puzzles in the game was simply the best. I know he is my son but he is the most fascinating and loving human being I have ever met.

I love you Isaac.


  1. I was like that with my father. Am 37 and it has been 6 years now since he has died. Still have dreams about him. Keep yourselves together. From the way you talk it sounds like you share joint custody. I went through that too. But my mother sucks...I always treasure the times had with my Dad. It seems you are doing that with you son too. Jehovah God bless you.

  2. No separation is easy for kids. My son as always been my priority and he is even more now. I need him just as much as he needs me.