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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flea Market Hunting

With the amazing weather outside yesterday my son and I jumped into our geekmobile and headed to the flea market. An hour later we ended up with some very cool and inexpensive action figures

With my son addiction to the extremely cool Lego Star Wars game on the Nintendo DS, his love for George Lucas' series is growing everyday. We got a very cool Jabba the Hutt for $5, while young Anakin was $1. On another table we got the other Star Wars figures for 50 cents each! The Storm Trooper is very cool and his helmet can be removed. My son immediatly recognized Jango! We also got Chancellor Palpatine (now need him as the Emperor), Padmé and some weird chick that I unfortunately don't remember the name (anyone knows?!).

One 4" figure we were missing was The Thing from the Fantastic Four team. Two bucks later, we got a very cool early 1990's ToyBiz version! He's bulky and rather funny looking. We recently watched Joe Dante's classic film The Gremlins, so when my son saw little Gizmo figure he picked it up right away.

Last but not least I got myself the Super Ninja ($1) from the Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos collection. Now our good old Chuck might just have some competition...


  1. you have the ULTIMATE flea market near you! Wish I had one near me. I would buy EVERYTHING. Everything in Mexico sucks here. I barely find anything new. Plus, all our stuff is $2 and up. Never a 50 cent piece.

  2. Hi matchooman! Yeah the flea market here is great! There was tons of other cool stuff but we didnt get them 'cause I had already spend too much on other stuff... maybe in two weeks.