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Monday, May 17, 2010

Montreal ToyCon

Yesterday was our fourth time at the Montreal ToyCon. My son and I had a lot of fun and bought some very cool new action figures. Today I've decided to post the pictures I took of Isaac with various costumed characters in attendance. Whenever he saw one walking around, he asked me to have his picture taken with... but we did missed out a few like Batman and Batgirl.

Isaac with Jedi master Plo Koon who was there while we waited in line to get in.

Isaac with a Clone Trooper.

Isaac with Spider-Man.

Isaac with a Biker Scout soldier.

Isaac with another Clone Trooper and an original Stormtrooper (one of his favorite).

Isaac with an Imperial "snow" Trooper and bounty hunter Dengar.


  1. Great pictures. Looks like he was having so much fun!

  2. Thanks! Yeah he was having a great time. Last time there was Boba Fett so he was a little disappointed not to see him there. But with so many Stormtroopers he was really happy! Like his father, he loves them.

  3. Awesome pics! The Snowtrooper rulz!

  4. They sure do! Always been a big fan of them.