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Monday, May 3, 2010

Flea Market Hunting: Spider-man, G.I.Joe & Sectaur

One of the very first superhero my son got into was Spider-man. At our trip at the flea market over the weekend we got two Spider-man action figures. One of Peter Parker transforming himself and the other of our friendly neighborhood.

My son is slowly getting into G.I.Joe. He recently got his very first figure, which was Snake Eyes and at the flea market we got one of Zartan's henchman and one of Cobra-La's disciple.

Always been a big fan of the Sectaur as a kid so I was glad to find a figure of Dargon. Here he stole He-Man's Battlecat for a walk to the parc...


  1. Man you've got a great swap meet going on there where you live, you always find some good stuff!

  2. Yeah I know, there's always cool stuff there. But this was really the first time we got everything we wanted. Usually we dont buy everything... but then we end up regretting not too so from now on... we're buying everything!!!

    Most figures cost us between 25 cents to one buck!

  3. Damn! I wish there was a place to get cheap figures like that here!