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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flea Market Hunting: Imaginext

Yesterday we made a quick stop at the flea market. With the weather not being that great there wasn't that many tables but we did managed to get an Imaginext Walking Spinosaurus for only $5 (it goes for $55 on Amazon). Standing at 16 inches tall, this is a huge dinosaure!

My son loves the Fisher Price Imaginext collection, they are well made, nicely sculpted and a lotta fun! He has tons of them at his mom's place too including the huge boat and Batman and his Batmobile. Here he is with his two Imaginext dinosaures.

And we are now getting ready for the Montreal ToyCon, which is happening today! We hope to find most of the action figures we want... this might be getting insane but sure will be a lotta fun!

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