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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twelve inches fun: Pulsar Ultimate Man of Adventure

One of my personal all time favorite action figure is the ultimate enemy of Pulsar... Hypnos! Released by Mattel in 1976 or 1977, Pulsar is a muscular bad guy that wears a killer mask. You can activate the "Hypnotic Powers" by pressing the switch on the side of him. Thanks to his see through transparent chest, you too can be hypnotize if you look at the hypnotic spinning disk on his chest. Sparks actually fly from his chest... now just how cool is that!

As kids, my brother and I each owned a Hypnos figure but we sadly never got Pulsar... it is probably why we both grew up so fucked up a few years later... due to our lack of ever owning the ultimate man of adventure Pulsar.

Not too long ago I spotted a loose Hypnos (sadly sans his mask) on Ebay and immediatly got it. Needless to say that my son absolutely loves him! In our universe of twelves inches action figures, Hypnos is one that actually kick ass!

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