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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our Lego city

Here is our latest version of our Lego City. We did some modifications and added in new vehicles and characters walking around. Soon we shall add more houses and roads.

Here is the summer 2013 Lego Galaxy Squad collection! There are still two sets from the first series we want... guess we'll have to buy them soon.
CLS-89 Eradicator Mech (70707) – 440 pieces/$39.99
Crater Creeper (70706) – 171 pieces/$19.99
Galactic Titan (70709) – 1012 pieces/$99.99
Hive Crawler (70708) – 560 pieces/$49.99

Also coming this year is the next Lego Cuusoo project,  Back To The Future DeLorean set! Lego have a scheme called Cuusoo through which they solicit fan designs for new kits and models. The system is simple: aspiring designers cook up a Lego set they’d like to see made and sold; you publish a Cuusoo page for your kit and get web users to endorse it; any kits that get 10,000 “likes” go before Lego’s official approval board. What’s more, any that are then sold pay a 1% royalty fee to the original designer.

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