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Monday, April 15, 2013

Boys having fun...

We did lots of cool stuff recently!

We went up north with friends for some tubing on the snow! This was crazy fun and it was actually Isaac's very first time on such heights.

We also went to Centre de la Nature. This is a huge park in the city. It has lots of activities including a farm. Its there that we saw this cool Jack puppet.

Isaac is following my steps at djying. He is starting to be good at it. Here he is making music with the F1.

For those interested in what I am doing musically, you can check out my page on Soundcloud, which is totally free. You can listen to my music through streaming or download. Give it a try, it won't hurt!


  1. If I were near that much snow I would be photographing At At's all day long.

    1. AhaHAHhah funny!
      Actually last winter (which just ended)... we got the biggest snow storm ever recorded here! It was crazy!!!