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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flea Market Hunting : Toxic Crusaders

Yes! We found another Toxic Crusaders action figure!!!

Junkyard is a cool figure. Just like the other Playmates Toxic Crusaders action figures, its highly detailed and colourful. Hopefully we will soon find more! Missing from the image below is of course our Toxic figure along with his motorcycle.

And here is the upcoming Lego Superman Black Zero Escape set (#76009).


  1. I use to use the guy in the middle as my Mr. Sinister before Toybiz released him.

  2. You know, between all the sculpted details, and paint apps, these things would probably cost $20 these days.

    This was an awesome line. It's a shame it didn't stick around longer.

    1. Your right! This was a great looking collection.
      Isaac loves them and so do it.
      And they work perfectly with our TMNT.