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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lego Star Wars + Lego series 11 minifigs

While looking at what to get in our local Toys R US, Isaac found this on the liquidation table! It usually goes for $65 but was now $15. We had to get it even though it wasn't complete.

This is one set I really wanted especially since we recently got the Lego Hoth base. Finally it is missing everything from the bag #2, which means no StormTroopers (but we already own like 6) and the left wing of the Snowspeeder. What I'll do is order the missing pieces from the online Lego site and complete the site.

Great find Isaac!!

There are many new Lego Star Wars sets coming out last this summer. The one we want the most is the Jabba Sail Barge! This will go great with our Jabba temple and Rancor playset.

Also Amazon.fr leaked some infos about the upcoming Lego series 11 minifigs:

"With 16 new figures in Series 11 Special, the LEGO collection continues to grow. Each figure is packed in a bag 'mystery' and accompanied by special accessories, a base and ask for a booklet. Inspired by movies, sports, history or everyday life, this collection includes: a scientist, a female robot, evil, a jazz man, an elf, a policeman, a Bavarian woman, a waitress, a scarecrow, a barbarian, a welder, a mountaineer, a grandmother, a warrior tiki man and gingerbread."


  1. Series 11? Cripes. I haven't even seen 10 anywhere yet.

    1. Yes I know, already!
      Series 10 is coming out this month!!!