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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lego! Lego! Lego!

Guess what? Just before our trip we finally found our most wanted Lego Marvel Super Heroes set, Wolverine's Chopper Showdown (#6866). This 201 pieces set features three of the absolute coolest Lego minifigures ever, Wolverine, Deadpool and Magneto! WOW! What a trio!

The helicopter is ok but nothing special. There is also a motorcycle for Wolvie.

Yesterday I forgot to post this images of all of the bags for the Lego Monsters Fighters Vampyre Castle set. Look at all this!!!

Here's the exclusives Lego Super Heroes figures that were given away (or sold I don't remember) at the Comic Con. Hopefully they will one day all get a wide release in some sets. And we are still waiting for a Green Lantern minifigure... it was actually available at last year's Comic Con.


  1. Oh man i would love to have that Captain Marvel Lego Mini-Figure!

    1. We want Bizarro! Look at his face! Insane!!!!
      Hopefully Lego will release them as part of series 3 in December 2013.

    2. Correction, we want them all!!!!!