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Monday, July 16, 2012

Disney 2012 Lego

So we had to go back to that amazing Lego store at Downtown Disney. This time we looked at everything and took tons of photos! We also bought lots of awesome Lego!

There are lots of HUGE Lego constructions outside the store.

There are also activities for kids to participate.

This is about half the size of the store... crazy!

Heaven! Lego, Lego and more Lego!

Isaac posing with Lego Hulk and Captain America.

And here's a look at the Lego mini figures Series 8! Due September 2012.

• Ancient Thespis with a skull
• Boy in Bavarian costume with a pretzel
• Conquistador with a rapier
• Cowgirl with a brown lasso
• Diver with a harpoon
• DJ with a disc and a disc case
• Enemy Robot with a laser gun
• Evil Female Alien with a laser gun
• Fairy with wings and a wand
• Football Player with gold trophy
• Pirate Captain with gold cutlass and hook
• Red Cheerleader with red pom poms
• Santa Claus with sack
• Skier with skies
• Trader with newspaper and suitcase
• Vampire


  1. I'm gonna get a ton of that Vampire!

    1. He is awesome!
      Hopefully he will be easy to figure out of the bag.