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Friday, April 27, 2012

Lego Island

Here is the Lego island created by Isaac for his Lego pirates mini figures. Look closely and you will see that it has a swamp, jail, hidden treasure, trees and other cool stuff!

He made it all by himself and it will only gets better since he has more ideas for it.

Update: Yesterday I posted this link to the Lego Facebook page and this morning they answered, awesome!


  1. Issac is very creative i bet playtime with him is so much fun. : )

    1. It is! He's an amazing little kid!

      I just posted this on the Lego Facebook page!


  2. There is a secret "escaping" door on the far left... but it leads to the swamp with the crocodile (his idea)! So no matter what, the bad guys will get caught!