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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : Godzilla

While the American remake of Godzilla was terrible some cool toys were made back then from Trendmasters. Lucky for us, I found one version of that Godzilla at the flea market.

Ok it doesn't look at all like the Godzilla we all love but it is still a cool figure!


  1. This version of Godzilla is called simply "Zilla" or sometimes "G.I.N.O" or "Godzilla In Name Only".

    He actually fought Godzilla i think in the Final Wars movie and was destroyed by him in seconds.

    1. Cool! I didn't remembered that this was the name he was given afterward.

      And yes I do remember him getting his butt kicked in Final Wars! Isaac must have watched that film at least 30 times when he was two!!!

    2. Final Wars was and still is a awesome movie with tons of monsters and Power Rangers style of fights.