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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : Spawn

Isaac loves Spawn. With so many cool characters there was no doubt in my mind that my little man would love them. During at last trip at the flea market we found the second edition of Tremor!

He is a former Mafia enforcer and associate of Antonio "Tony Twist" Twistelli, the Don of New York, and is now a vigilante seeking revenge on The Family.

More importantly, Tremor is one extremely bad ass character.

Here is Isaac with all of his Spawn collection, which is slowly growing up very nicely. One we hope to find is the huge Malebolgia they did.


  1. You forgot one! The chick with the spines growing out of her back. I saw that you got that one not too long ago.

    1. You are so right!
      Its this one:

      Actually Isaac didn't want her to be part of his story that day, hence why she was not there and that I forgot to bring her once I took the pic.

  2. Cool! That kid is hilariously cute :D

    1. AhHHAhHahA thank you! He is so funny! So proud of him.