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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : Adventure People

In 1975 Fisher-Price introduced a new line of toys that were designed for children to play with through and beyond preschool age, a time when children are excited by the idea of exploring and being adventurous. The Adventure Series sets came with finely detailed accessories and figures that have movable legs, arms and a movable head.

My favourite Adventure People playset was the TV Action Team van. This was a great vehicle that could hold almost all the various action figures such as Star Wars, G.I.Joe and others.

The original box featured a Blue van, 3 yellow cords, camera, silver movie camera, black microphone with carry case, 7 piece black and gray tower. Figures include Kirk - white suited man with headphones; Jeff - gray haired man brown pants white shirt; Carol - black woman red skirt!!

We manage to find the van at the flea market and just like me as a kid... Isaac loves it!


  1. Oh man the memories these bring back! I had the Space Shuttle and the Deep Sea Boat sets back as a kid.

    1. My brother had the Deep Sea boat.

      And we saw the Space Shuttle at the flea market the other day but didn't picked it up... yes I know dumb move!

    2. I saw the Sea Rescue set last year at the flea market event i got to every year and passed on but i kept thinking i should really buy this. I kind of regret not doing it now.

    3. I totally understand how you feel...