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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : DC Universe

Isaac found a very cool DC Universe action figure but sadly we didn't know who it was! So I asked Bubba of the awesome Toyriffic blog. He answered quickly: "J'Onn J'Onz the Martian Manhunter in his Martian form".

Great!!! This is figure is actually part of the Justice League collection released by Mattel years ago. Officially, its the Martian Manhunter Attack Armor figure. It originally came with his usual alien skin, now known to us as an armor!


  1. Never seen this one before very cool. I bet Colin over at the Super-Duper Toy Box would love it.

    1. Yes its a cool figure! We got it even without knowing exactly who it was. Apart from the fact that it was a DC Universe figure.

    2. I have an ever-growing J'onn J'onzz collection- a favorite DC character I knew little of until adulthood. I've seen this guy before- I love how he was styled for the Justice League series :)

    3. Yeah a cool character!
      By the way, I added your cool blog to out "Blogs we religiously read" list on the right!

    4. thanks Kim- i added you guys, too :)

    5. Awesome! Thank you!
      You are so lucky to have all these DC Friends!! Been trying to find these for sometime now.