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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mezco's Cinema of Fear Friday the 13th

I just realized that I have never posted anything about those...

A few years ago I got the Mezco's Cinema of Fear of Jason Vorhees. This very cool figure combines a highly detailed roto-molded 12 inch figure with full articulation and removable fabric jacket. Jason is even more menacing with his arsenal of twisted weapons and removeable hockey mask.

I remember seeing Friday the 13th in theatre... I was underage but sneaked in. Now Isaac loves Jason and most horror icons.

Here is a photo of Jason unmasked! He also comes with various weapons and a severed head!


  1. This is a pretty nice looking Jason figure Kim.

  2. Pretty awesome looking figure. He's has a very 'Hulking' look to him.

  3. I added a photo of Jason unmasked!