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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marvel Universe

We also got a new Marvel Universe. Originally in a double pack with The Thing was Bulldozer, which we got alone and used.

Bulldozer is a member of the Wrecking Crew (with Wrecker). The character was created by Len Wein and Sal Buscema and first appeared in Defenders #17 (November 1974). Due to exposure from the Asgardian magic in the Wrecker's crowbar, Bulldozer possesses superhuman strength and a high degree of imperviousness to harm. He can withstand high amounts of concussive force, and is virtually bulletproof.

Its a cool and colourful character. The Hasbro figure is detailed and fully articulated. Isaac is very proud of owning him.


  1. I want the Thing out of that pack lol.

  2. Yeah its a cool version of The Thing. The store still has it for sale.

  3. Always liked when the wrecking crew showed up in the books. I don't know why I haven't picked them up yet. One day they will be gone and I'll be kicking myself...lol

  4. Yeah they are a cool gang. Hopefully we will get them all!

  5. I run a restaurant in Mexico of all places and they do carry the Marvel Universe line here but they are $15 per figure! Ridiculous prices! So....I am appealing to the masses that visit my restaurant. I have been having a promotion for 8 beers for one Marvel Universe figure that a customer brings in. Been going on a month now...So far...No one has brought any in. I keep hoping though.

  6. Welcome to out blog Hobgoblin238!!!

    The minimum price for Marvel Universe around here is $11. Most of them goes for $13 and some are insanely too pricey... which is sad.

    Your idea is actually very cool! Hope you get some.