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Friday, March 9, 2012

Its Showtime!

I recently decided to showcase some of our action figures collection in our living room.

Everything from Star Wars, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Adventure People, Dungeons And Dragons, Grendizer, Ghostbusters, Toxic Crusaders, Chuck Norris, Thundercats, Masters of the Universe, Gremlins and other hard to find figures found a new home where they are now all proudly displayed.


  1. Am really liking your set up here Kim. You and Issac have a great collection showing here. : )

  2. *clap clap clap*
    Very nice. I have to say I like when collectors bring the collections out of one room and at least display them elsewhere. I just watched a video on youtube with a guy that hides his collection in his office so people that visit him wont see it and think he's weird. I hate when people try to hide who they are just to look "normal"...whatever that is. lol

  3. Thanks jboy!
    As you can imagine this is only an extremely small percentage of what we actually owned. I wanted to have only some and once its full, we will rotate our selection in there.

    Otherwise everything is perfectly stored and easily accessible to play with. And to tell you the truth, most of the kitchen drawers actually have action figures! AhHAhHAHH!!

  4. Thank you BigDaddyDarth!
    We are proud collectors but most importantly proud players as we enjoy playing with our action figures. Hunting them online, in stores, flea markets or toy conventions.

    We love your blog too!!!