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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : M.A.S.K.

Two weeks ago, the weather was amazing and it almost felt like summer. I decided to take a guess and go to the flea market with my brother. I found tons of cool stuff for Isaac and I.

We both love M.A.S.K. and were lucky enough to find a few vehicles and figures on Ebay and the flea market. Now I managed to find two more!

Thunderhawk and Hurricane! Both are in great condition and works perfectly well.


  1. Am still wanting the RHINO from this line myself and someday i shall have it too. : )

  2. WHERE is this fleamarket of yours? All I got is the Mexican ones...Here in Mexico...Best thing I have ever found out here is an original Mego Lion...

    I only had the motorcycle myself as a kid.

  3. We found the Rhino on Ebay about two years ago for about $6 if I remember correctly. Only thing missing was the mask of the figure.

  4. There are various flea markets around here. We're in the cold north of Canada!!