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Monday, March 5, 2012


I know we've talked about them before but here's a closer look at our Godzilla collection! First on the left is our 15" Godzilla. This huge figure was originally released by Dormei in 1997. We got him during our first summer at the flea market for only $7.

Next to him is the 11" extremely detailed Bandai version! Its smaller but almost as cool! Then there is Mecha Godzilla, also from Bandai. This is a superb version of one of the Big-G biggest foes. Finally on the far right is the 12" of Gigan! Wow! Now thats a great looking monster!!!

Oh! And lets now forget King Kong!!! A great, heavy and simply too cool figure from McFarlane based on the Peter Jackson remake.

Hopefully more will join our ever growing collection including the Shogun Warrior Godzilla of the late 1970s.

Here's a quick look at some of the upcoming Godzilla figures from Bandai. Sadly there seems to be no more 12" figures...


  1. Jealous! Love that whole collection and it just reminds me i need more Godzilla and King Kong in my life.(I did pick up one of those new Tokyo Vinyls Godzilla from Bandai so i have a little Godzilla in my life at the moment lol.

  2. We both love Godzilla! Isaac started to watch the films when he was about to turn two. We just have watched FINAL WARS at least 30 times!

    We want the Tokyo Vinyls Godzilla!!!!!

  3. that Dormei Godzilla looks like it was modeled after the 1980s Imperial 13" tall Godzilla. I only say that because he sits right next to my computer screen...lol

  4. You are probably right. Do you have a pic of yours??