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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice...

Batman's arch enemies have taken over the Hall of Justice. The Dark Knight had no choice but to call in friends to help him fight the good fight. Azrael, Aquaman, Hawkman, Blue Beetle, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and others joined in.

Will they save the Hall of Justice?


  1. Awesome! And is that a Wayne Manor playset? Am hoping to find one of them on the very cheap for a "Monster" project am planning on in the future.

  2. Cool! Am hoping to find either one of these or another "Mansion" to repaint for some of my small Universal Monsters.

  3. Thats a great idea! We have a few of those figures too.

    The Mansions is very nice. Got them both at the flea market but one last summer and the other the previous summer. $7 each!!! I've seen them go for as much as $130 on Ebay!