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Friday, February 10, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : Star Wars

Last summer during our last trip at the flea market we found the original Star Wars action figure of Bossk released by Kenner. Sadly while playing with it, one hard broke hence why it was never mentioned here. Well now thanks to our loving friend, crazy glue, Bossk is fixed and ready to fight!


  1. My friend and I had a Bossk each and when we played Star Wars figures, they were the Bossk Brothers, a pair of useless bounty hunters who drove around in an Imperial vehicle that made farty raspberry noises (provided by us.)

  2. AHhHahha thats hilarious!
    I've always loved Bossk. He's a cool looking character. That action figure was one of my favourite as a kid.

    1. I don't know if you've seen the Harry Plinkett/Red Letter Media reviews of the prequel movies (they're not exactly child-friendly, so watch them alone) but he makes a great point about how more memorable the Bounty Hunter line-up is aboard the Star Destroyer is compared to the other background CG characters in Episodes 1 - 3...

    2. AHhHAHha yes I have seen that reviews. Lotta fun indeed and some great remarks on the prequel.

  3. Bossk! My other favorite Bounty Hunter....Next to the "Fall Guy" Colt Severs and Boba Fett. : D