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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Isaac's Christmas 2011

So we decided to build the Lego Ninjago fire temple... all 1174 pieces. Spreading the pieces around our living room, we were in for sometime as this was the biggest Lego set we got! It took about 3 hours!!

Isaac build it with me but at the same time was playing with his new mini figures and older ones. Actually he was the one building all the new figures.

Did I mentioned just how cool the fire dragon is? This 17-inch monster with pose able wings and live action spit fire is beautiful. The Ninjago fire temple is a 10-inch-wide and 11-inch-tall set with painted screen windows... amazing!


  1. Man is that set huge! I bet it is all sorts of fun.

  2. Crazy fun!!!! ISaac is really proud of it!!