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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ben 10

While shopping around for some stuff, we found this new Ben 10 character named Eatle. Its a very cool action figure. Its is part of the new Ben 10 series of figures. Sadly we haven't seen this Eatle yet in the animated show.


  1. Looks solid can't wait to see it out of it's paxckage.

  2. Isaac's collection of Ben 10 is getting ridiculous!
    I will take pictures of all of them soon!

  3. Oh sweet!
    I just bought that figure today! Love the Ben 10 stuff....been buying it since the first series was on. Those figures are getting harder to find now too.

  4. Yes sadly they are. And we both love Ben 10!!!!!

  5. By the way, I added your cool blog to our list of blogs we read!!!