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Monday, February 6, 2012

Kenner Aliens

For Boxing Day, Isaac and I decided to go to our local comic books store La Boîte a B.D. where they had a huge sale on action figures and comics.

We got two Aliens figures from Kenner! Sgt. Apone and Bishop (which we already owned but used and without his accessories). Finding new sealed Aliens figures is already hard... getting them so cheap was simply great!

Needless to say Isaac was really proud.


  1. I love the face he is making in this picture. : D

  2. Ahahhaha yeah he was a proud little man to find these!!!

  3. I loved that Bishop carrying around that gatlin gun. Awesome times playing for sure. Too bad I sold all my toys when my father died and I moved to Mexico. But at least I found an Apone at the Mexican market. $1 with no accessories but still...

  4. Welcome to the blog Hobgoblin238!!!

    Yeah its a cool figure.
    We did find Bishop and Ripley for a buck at the flea market last summer!