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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vintage Star Wars

Another figure we got from the original 1978 12" Star Wars collection is Chewbacca! Just like me, my son loves Chewie. He is one of the coolest character of the original trilogy. I seriously never met anyone who doesn't like that Wookie!

The Chewbacca figure is the tallest of them all, 16" high! It is BIG! It is not the most detailed figure of the collection and its articulation are rather limited too but we are still extremely proud to own him.

Unfortunately just a few hours after getting the figure, the elastic band that holds the arms cut itself. For a figure that is 32 years old, I kind of expected something like that to happen.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet I found an rather easy way to fix it. With a medium size "Zip-Tie", I was able to re-attach the arms. Feed the Zip-Tie through the loop in one arm (creating a large "U" and feeds the whole thing through the figure's torso. Then  poke the pointy end of the Zip-Tie through the other arm loop and then poke the pointy end (again) through the slotted end of the Zip-Tie and ratchet it tight but slowly. Then, simply cut the excess Zip-Tie with wire cutters. It is now almost like brand new!

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